a complete, balanced & all-natural meal replacement

mēle (pronounced "meal") is made from a dried blend
of real fruits, vegetables, nuts and grass-fed whey
to keep you fueled on your busiest days

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the pace of life is increasing, as is our nutritional awareness and desire to eat healthy, natural foods 

the problem is: with our hectic schedules, we are rarely able to eat well and fuel our bodies properly

that's where mēle comes in


each shake can be made in under 30 seconds by simply mixing with water (or your favorite milk)


all of our products are made with non-gmo certified ingredients with no preservatives, hormones, or artificial additives


all of our shakes are formulated to provide a complete meal of 35% protein, 40% carbs and 25% fat


we use no artificial sugar - all sweetness comes from natural fruits with a low-glycemic index


contains over 40% of the recommended daily intake of fiber and significant amounts of Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids

Audrey, Global Marketing Manager

"With a demanding international travel schedule, I am always concerned about eating well when abroad and getting in my daily dose of protein and healthy greens. Since finding mēle, I don't travel without it! It is the start of my day as breakfast - giving me the nutrients and fuel I need to feel great during my trips."

Lisa, Busy Mommy

"Between homeschool, work, catching up on emails, the household chores, errands, and kids activities, it is non-stop around my house. I was finding that I would grab something to eat that was not always the best for me. I was recently introduced to mēle - the shaker and easy open individual packets make it so convenient! In my purse and off I go!"

Will, Partner at Private Investment Firm

"My schedule is highly unpredictable. As a result, I eat at random times, scramble to grab food between meetings, and have a hard time controlling when or what I am going to eat. mēle has become a great “go to” for me - quick, well-balanced, and gives me a 'full' feeling while controlling calorie intake."

Brooke, Certified Personal Trainer

"As a personal trainer and someone who cares about the ingredients in my food as well as maintaining a healthy balanced diet on the go, mēle is the only option out there for me. The ingredients are carefully chosen without compromise; it is a healthy meal replacement that actually leaves you full."

James, VP at Multinational Media Company

"I often travel for both work and pleasure. Living out of a suitcase does not provide many opportunities to eat as healthy as I prefer. So I throw as many pouches as days I'm traveling, and I have the perfect balance of fruits, veggies, and protein to give me the boost in the morning and keep me full until lunch."


step by step video on how to easily mix your mēle



we donate 10% of our profits to feed the hungry

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