founders of mele, all-natural meal replacement, lauren & adam benbassat

we are just two regular working professionals based in NYC who found it difficult to have consistently healthy meals during the work week and while traveling — often we would eat poor quality food (or worse, forget to eat), and have energy crashes during our busiest days.

we searched everywhere for a product offering a complete meal that was quick, healthy and delicious, as well as convenient to travel with but couldn't find anything. most products were either nutritionally imbalanced (not enough protein or fiber), or loaded with substandard ingredients we couldn't identify!

as they say, "necessity is the mother of invention," so we set out to make the perfect balanced meal replacement to feed ourselves, our family and anyone else we could.

with determination, endless research and testing, and with the love and support of family & friends, mēle was born! 

we launched the 3 flavors of mēle: rawberry, supergreen, and cocoa-nutwith a hope to provide the world with a solution to eat well even on the busiest of days!

we wanted to do something that would not only fill our tummies and fuel our bodies, but also give back to our community — we donate 10% of our profits to feed the hungry

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